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Talk To A Lawyer First
By Michael Opton

Before beginning a complicated business transactions or relationship, you should strongly consider consulting a lawyer.

Lawyers have special training and, in many cases, years of experience in just the sort of situation you are approaching.

If you are purchasing a business, you may know how to run that business successfully, but you may not know how to negotiate or structure the transaction to purchase the business. Also, you may not know how to protect yourself from liability.

That is what lawyers do. Find a lawyer who can answer your questions, ask for his or her advice and get the lawyer’s help.

If you hire a lawyer at the beginning, it very likely will be less expensive than hiring him or her after a dispute arises later on.

Attorney Michael Opton

Michael Opton

For over 44 years, Michael Opton has been counseling clients in a broad array of matters, including business transactions, real estate matters, family law issues, and estate matters. Over the course of his career, he has learned what people who are looking for legal services, should both look for, and avoid.

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